USF Shifting to Canvas

Why change?

As a result of USF’s need to upgrade from Blackboard 9.0 to 9.1, the USF System Learning Management Committee decided in 2011 to evaluate other options in learning management products. Faculty, students and staff reviewed three learning management solutions: Blackboard 9.1, Moodle and Canvas, during a system-wide evaluation process. After several months of review, Canvas, a product of the educational software company Instructure, was selected.

How was the decision made?

USF began an internal product evaluation in summer 2011. System-wide review and testing of multiple LMS products took place in spring of 2012. This review was conducted by faculty, students, instructional designers and Information Technology staff. The outcomes of this review and testing phase were vetted by various USF governing committees, such as the Information Technology Management Council (ITMC) and the USF Board of Trustees Work Group on Academics and Campus Environment (ACE) in the summer of 2012.

View the LMS Transition Proposal (Link to pdf of presentation) presented to USF governing committees.

How will the transition affect you?

Instructors can begin using Canvas as soon as they wish. Workshops designed to teach instructors how to use Canvas and a walk-in tech support clinic are available to all. College consultation is taking place concurrently to ensure communication of important information and formal planned transition support.

Colleges and campuses are being consulted to find out how they would like to proceed in shifting from Blackboard to Canvas.