Transition Timeline

Fall 2012

  • Early-adopting instructors volunteer to teach courses in Canvas.
  • IT begins modifying business processes and integrations between Canvas and other USF business systems.
  • Workshops kick off in late fall.

Spring 2013 and Summer 2013

  • A full schedule of Canvas workshops, online resources and a walk-in clinic are available.
  • Migration planning is coordinated with colleges and departments
  • Instructors migrate their courses to Canvas on a volunteer basis (teaching in Blackboard is still an option).

Fall 2013

  • Instructors continue to migrate their courses to Canvas.
  • This is the last semester that courses will be available in Blackboard.
  • Canvas workshops continue.

Spring 2014

  • Canvas is fully implemented as USF’s Learning Management System.
  • All USF courses and / or online components of courses are facilitated via Canvas.
  • Blackboard 9.0 is decommissioned and will no longer be available.